• Town of Jackson

    Town of Jackson Real Estate

Jackson, WY is divided into three parts: East Jackson, Central or Downtown Jackson and West Jackson. Town has been working on a new Comprehensive plan addressing future uses and density in the Town of Jackson.

East Jackson is primarily single ­family homes with views of the Grand Tetons, Elk Refuge, and Snow King and close proximity to trails and St. John’s hospital. Typical town lots are 50 X 150 feet, but run the gamut in sizes, setbacks and zoning. Some properties allow single family homes, others allow duplexes, and triplexes.

Central Jackson includes the commercial core of downtown Jackson with close access to Snow King. There is a mixture of multifamily and single ­family properties that create a vibrant area around Town Square and the Center for the Arts. Historic downtown offers some of the valley’s best restaurants, art galleries, lodging, and art venues.

West Jackson offers mostly suburban commercial spaces with single­-family and multi­-family housing interspersed throughout. Flat Creek meanders through this part of town before turning south out of town.

  • Types of Properties

    Single-family, multi­-family, short­-term rental condominiums, townhomes, lofts

  • Amenities

    Walking distance access to the valley’s best restaurants, art galleries, lodging, arts, venues, rodeo grounds, bike path and Elk Refuge

  • Views

    Grand Tetons, Elk Refuge, Crystal Butte, Cache Creek and Snow King

  • Best For

    Homeowners who want urban living, a variety of properties, and downtown walkability to town amenities

  • Subdivisions

    Snow King, Gill Addition, Daisy Bush, Margaret Jaster, Pearl & Jackson, Pearl Willow, 810 West, Love Ridge and Grand View condominiums

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