Why Jackson Hole Wyoming is a Fantastic Place to Live

If you were to ask an assortment of people in Jackson why they love the town they live in, you’d probably get several unique answers. Some individuals appreciate the proximity to both Grand Teton National Park and Yellowstone National Park. Others enjoy the beauty of the area as a whole with the option to see unique wildlife right outside their door. Many come for the skiing and fall in love with the culture, others like the great tax benefits that come with being a Wyoming resident.

Jackson is a place that offers beautiful natural features, wide-open spaces, and a view of mountains covered in snow. The area offers high-quality healthcare, excellent schools, and attractions that you can’t find anywhere else. If you’ve been wondering what Jackson has to offer, keep reading. We’ll explain what makes it such a unique place to make your home.

The Basics About Jackson, Wyoming

Jackson is a small town located in Teton County, Wyoming. It has a population of around 10,600 people and the county seat of the area. While Jackson is sometimes referred to as “Jackson Hole,” the two are actually different. Jackson Hole refers to the valley that includes the town of Jackson along with several other smaller, unincorporated communities.

Due to its location in a river valley, Jackson gets much more snow in the winter and has higher humidity than other areas in the region. The elevation also leads to extreme temperature differences between day and night. Snowfall averages are higher than 70 inches each year, a fantastic benefit for those who enjoy winter sports.

Plenty to See and Do in Jackson

Jackson is a town with tons to do, no matter what kind of things you are interested in. Everything from national parks to art museums and more can be found in the area, so you’ll never have a dull moment when living in the town. Some of the unique attractions in Jackson include:

  • Grand Teton National Park – Located about five miles north of the town of Jackson, this national park encloses the Teton Mountain Range. More than two million tourists every year flock to explore the parks dramatic and stunning peaks.
  • Grand Teton Music Festival – Music lovers can experience a classical music festival every year in Jackson. Housed in a dedicated auditorium at the base of Jackson Hole Mountain Resort, it takes place in the summer months and runs for seven weeks.
  • National Elk Refuge – This location borders Jackson and was created to shelter a massive elk herd during winter months. Horse-drawn sleigh rides are available so residents and tourists can see the elk up close.
  • National Museum of Wildlife Art – This museum, curating many pieces of artwork about wildlife, sits on a bluff and looks out over the National Elk Refuge. In addition to the art in the museum, there is also a trail with sculptures to walk through.

  • Yellowstone National ParkThe south entrance of Yellowstone is located about 60 miles north of Jackson. This park also extends into Montana and Idaho. It brings in nearly twice the amount of tourists as its neighbor, Grand Teton National Park.

This is just a sampling of the exciting locations either right in Jackson or a short drive away from the town. Whether you’re someone who loves the great outdoors or you prefer to hang out indoors, you’ll find options that match your desires.

Jackson is One of the Healthiest Places in the United States

One of the segments of the population that often chooses a move to Wyoming is the retirees. Taxes play a part in this, as we’ll explain later, but that isn’t the only reason. Jackson also offers an extremely healthy environment for residents, both young and old. Livability.com shows that nearly 80% of the town has health insurance and there are 1.04 hospitals per capita.

However, the health friendliness of the town isn’t only related to having accessible treatments available; it also has to do with how residents in the area prioritize fitness and wellness. Since the mountains are right there, winter sports are popular but so are things like climbing, biking, fly fishing, horseback riding, and more.

Excellent Schools for Families in Jackson, Wyoming

Another thing that makes Jackson stand out from other areas in Wyoming (and across the United States) is the exceptional schools. Niche.com rated the schools at an A, and other sources also boast about how excellent the education in Jackson is. The local public school system, Teton County School District #1, oversees several elementary schools that ultimately all feed into the district’s one middle school and high school. This school system offers a highly popular English/Spanish dual language immersion program. Children in this program follow the same curriculum as their non dual peers but spend half their day learning in Spanish. Find out more here.

The valley of Jackson Hole is also home to several private schools serving kids from kindergarten through high school. Parents of infants, toddlers and preschoolers have a variety of daycare options to choose from, including in-home settings, privately owned small preschools, local church providers and a few country run services.

Wyoming is a Tax-Friendly State to Live and Thrive

Beyond the gorgeous environment, excellent schools, top attractions, and exceptional healthcare in Jackson, there’s one additional thing that makes Jackson an outstanding place to live. Taxes – or more to the point, the comparative lack of them. There are lots of taxes in other states that Wyoming simply doesn’t have. There is no state income tax, no trust tax, no capital gains tax, no estate tax, and no corporate tax.

This area is a tax-friendly town for retirees, residents, business owners, and others. It’s ranked as one of the top tax haven states to live in and has been named the most tax-friendly state in general by Bloomberg Wealth Manager Magazine. It’s also been ranked the top state for business climate by Tax Foundation.

When it comes to real estate, Jackson also has several perks. There is no tax on selling real estate, for one thing. This makes it the ideal place to own a business, residence, or another type of property. Also, retirees pay no taxes on out-of-state retirement income, so owning a second home in the area allows older individuals to enjoy retirement without worrying about extra taxes.

Learn More About Jackson, Wyoming Real Estate Options

At this point, you should have a good idea of why people who live in Jackson are in love with the location. The low taxes combined with the attractions and businesses in the area make it a fantastic place to live and own real estate. If you’re interested in learning more about Wyoming and real estate in Jackson, get in touch and we’ll share everything you need to know.