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Prugh Real Estate LLC

We want to help.

As Jackson Hole locals, we have a deep understanding of the real estate market. How do we know our approach works? 90% of our business comes from long-­term client relationships­­. Our goal is to be your broker for years to come.

With 14 realtors representing every kind of property in the valley—homes, offices, condominiums, live/work lofts, apartments, vacation homes, and ranches—we maintain a comprehensive database and personal connections with potential buyers and sellers to help you find the right property.

Here’s what to expect by listing with our team:

  • We go beyond the FOR SALE sign. Advertising alone rarely sells property in Jackson Hole. To sell your property, we network daily with brokers in the real estate community, our contacts and potential buyers.
  • An innovative approach. We are at the forefront of real estate technology, using every tool available to market your property, including:
    • Professional photography
    • Attention-­grabbing brochures for disbursement to our list of contacts, brokers and clients
    • Immediate placement on our webpage
    • Extensive social media campaigns via mobile marketing, Facebook, targeted emails, and e-newsletters
    • Exclusive listing services beyond MLS with more than 50 real estate sites such as Zillow, Realtor.com and Trulia
    • Optional staging from award-winning interior designer Jen Visosky of Grace Home Design
    • Marketing and advertising in every outlet
  • Our niche encompasses everything. Each broker at Prugh has a specialty, giving you knowledge in every corner of the market—from a $1.1M live/work loft in downtown Jackson, to a $10M luxury cabin in private 3 Creek Ranch, to a secluded fly fishing property on 5.9 miles of the Green River or 1-acre light industrial site zoned BP. Our team is a leader in new residential and commercial sales.
  • Dedicated and discreet. We are by your side through the entire process. A dedicated agent is not only there for you at open houses and closing days, throughout the process we:
    • Prospect daily for buyers
    • Advise on how to make your property more marketable
    • Organize inspections, testing, handyman services
    • Host open houses
    • Qualify prospective buyers
    • Follow­-up and provide feedback from other brokers
    • Coordinate contract terms and conditions
    • Negotiate price and terms that meet your goals
    • Assist in the move-­out process
  • An honest approach. We are honest and direct with our clients, and will price your home based on your goals. 90% of our business is by referral from our long­-term client relationships, and our main goal is to be your broker in the future.

Call us. Whether you are considering selling or would just like a broker price opinion, we are here to help.