Since 2006, the brokers at Prugh Real Estate LLC have been dedicated to building a thriving sales and development business.

Many of the properties we sell never hit the market. If we can’t find the space you are looking for, we will try to develop it. We have built offices, town homes, affordable/deed restricted, public/private, live/work, and residential communities throughout Teton County. Since 2017, we have represented $1.075B of buyer and seller transactions in every corner of the valley and in every segment of the market. $2.95M/week in sales averaging a sale every 4.43 days!

90% of our business is from long‐term client relationships. We work hard to build this trust and earn repeat business and referrals.

  • We represent buyers and sellers as advisors, not just agents. Ask your salesperson or broker if they are allowed to advocate and negotiate solely on your behalf. If they answer “no,” you need to rethink your relationship. We don’t need to check with corporate to negotiate a deal, which means there are no delays. We make it happen.
  • We have in-depth expertise and knowledge. With 2 generations of experience in Jackson’s real estate market, this firm understands Teton County’s nuanced history and trends. We have witnessed the highs and lows, and know how to successfully price, market and sell properties.
  • We provide an exceptional support system for our clients. This doesn’t end with the last transaction. We have a reputation for providing service and attention months, and even years, after completion of the sale.
  • We connect people throughout Teton County. Our long­-term relationships with developers, architects, builders, brokers, investors, and lenders ensure we are committed to providing clients with a strong team.

What to Look for in a Realtor

Teton County has one of the highest concentrations of realtors per capita in the United States. When it comes to choosing a Jackson Hole realtor, you can trust that Prugh Real Estate:

  • Understands the real estate market. Prugh has 14 brokers working full­-time with active buyers and sellers, we are tuned in to the market and will work hard to find the right property or the right buyer.
  • Negotiates and advocates on your behalf. We will go the extra mile to make the transaction happen. We make the buying and selling process stress free.
  • Maintains a current database of connections. We track every transaction and recorded document in Teton County.
  • Communicates with our clients every week. We will keep you updated on our progress, reworking sales strategies as needed.
  • Offers an innovative approach in a complex market. With 2 generations of sales in this valley, we understand how the past shapes our market, making sense of current trends within a historic context.
  • Has a proven track record. With almost $1.075B in sales since 2017, 90% of our business is by word of mouth and referral from our long-­term clientele. We closed an average of one transaction every 4.43 days.

Live, Work and Play

Jackson evolved from a small ski town to a vibrant community in just one generation. Prugh Real Estate supports organizations who enrich and strengthen this valley: The Grand Teton National Park Foundation, Center for the Arts, Dancer’s Workshop, Art Association, Children’s Learning Center, Vertical Harvest, Clymb, Jackson Hole Land Trust, and the Children’s Museum. We create opportunities for people to live and work here connecting buyers and sellers who contribute to our mountain community.